Learn How to Use ReduxAuth with CodeIgniter


There are many authentication libraries for CodeIgniter. At first, I think that the most used authentication library is FreakAuth_light. Then, I realized that I need to add some extra keywords when searching. That's it: "best". I stumbled on stackoverflow's page and got ReduxAuth (still using svn?).

Yes, I started to learn that framework, again. Eating too much Java Micro Edition will suck your brain, and at the end you say to yourself "Hey! I know people who started their web application 2 months ago, and they've got Honda Jazz now!". In my uncertainty-life-period, I think it's just fine to learn something not-so-new, instead of getting money from a job that has no relationship with your competences. Ah, I stuck with my ol' flashcard application anyway... :D

See my next post about how I spend 40 hours a week just to suck the screen doing this rough stuff...

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