"Meriam" Antenna to Gain More Wireless Fidelity Signal


Note: This post is inspired by an article made by Tri Effendi about "bazoka antenna" (Thanks!), and made for personal purpose only so I could remember it some time in the future.

I've made an antenna to catch more signal from my wireless router. At first, I call this antenna "kumelkucel's antenna" since there was one man who named Andre Kumelkucel helped me to do this rough stuff. But then he doesn't want me to include his nick, and here we go.. Antenna "meriam" (or cannon antenna), because its shape looks like a meriam or cannon.

I think it could have the same function as the antenna created by Tri Effendi does, except this one is made for wireless fidelity signal. Just for your information, I share my internet connection with 2 people: q_liex and la_beneamata29 who live adjacent to my house, but cannot gain anything when I place the wireless router on my 2nd floor.

No more chit and chat, here we go..
0. A 40centimetres long pipe with 4 inches diameter. Any size is okay, but we need to make a hole that placed 6,8cm from one side of the pipe. Yes, that's a place to place your usb wireless adapter.
1. Aluminum foil. Yes, you can grab it from the drugs consumer.
2. Pipe cover. Well, it's used to close one opened side of the pipe. I don't know what the name of this thing is... :p
3. Usb wireless adapter and usb cable extension.

How to make
0. Create the hole and make your usb wireless adapter fits on it. Be sure to place the hole at 6,8cm from the pipe cover.
1. Cover the pipe with the aluminum foil. Then, cover the inside part of the pipe cover so both aluminum foils stick each other.
2. Well done, you made it. Just place this cannon at the proper direction and location. Here is the final image...

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