Missing The Convention


I asked myself this question when I use Google Code: Do I really to use that branches-tags-trunk convention? Someone said in stackoverflow.com that it depends. Do what the most suitable for your project. Because I'm the only guy who has an interest on flashcard application based on JME, so I think there will be no other person on my project. It means, there should be no problem for my project until the end of the world.

I just keep it simple. I did know what I'm doing, so I thought that I DIDN'T need that ol' convention. Later, I realize that I'm wrong, horribly wrong. Convention, just like the other one, is created to HELP people and make our life easier. Fortunately, I ain't much far from the right path. I realized that I make a little no log and documentation when I code.

Now, I'm trying to stick with the convention.

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