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Sorry, this post is more like an experience than a guide. Every single comment is welcomed, sarcastic one included..

0. Most of host provides cPanel. It's easier to use its "Full Backup" because it will backup..well..everything. Your files, history data, logs, database, etc.

1. If your new host is already up, use its FTP feature to transfer your backup data. The file name looks like "backup-[date]_[time]_[username].tar". It's more efficient than if you download tons of megabytes to your computer and upload it manually. After the backup is already located in your new host place, you can restore it using the same way, almighty cPanel.

2. If you are like me, having no place to store the backup file and decided to download it and upload it using the hard way, you probably face the same problem as I do. It's when you want to restore your database from the sql dump file and read an error message saying "Sorry, this webhosting feature suxxx because only allows several kilobytes of data to be restored". The solution is using Bigdump. The instruction is well documented on that site, but I will my version on this foolish blog for my own.

Edit the dump.php file so it fits your database settings.
$db_server = 'localhost';
$db_name = 'databasename';
$db_username = 'yourusername';
$db_password = 'yourpassword;

Addition, if your dump file came from Cpanel, you may face an error message like "DELIMITER ;;" something blah blah blah, edit this section of your bigdump.php (add the bold lines) ...

// Allowed comment delimiters: lines starting with these strings will be dropped by BigDump
$comment[]='#'; // Standard comment lines are dropped by default
$comment[]='-- ';
$comment[]='DELIMITER ;';

Upload your new bigdump.php to your new host, say it to folder public_html/dumbass/bigdump.php and place your dump sql file in the same folder. Call the file, e.g, and you'll figure out the way by yourself. Thanks for reading.

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