Why Did I Migrate from Drupal to Wordpress?


First of all, I don't want to start a long useless apple-versus-orange debate about which one is better, Drupal or Wordpress. I write this post because, 0 : some Drupal fans keep asking 'why did you migrate? Don't you see that this is the CMS of the year?', 1 : some Wordpress fans keep yelling 'Hell yeah! We will get one more vote for The Best CMS of 2010 Contest!' or 'Finally, you are back bro!', and 2: I want to improve my English. :)

Second, I didn't migrate. I just use another CMS for my blog. I keep my Drupal installation separated on my labs (www.prabowomurti.com), and installing Wordpress on my blog(which is not so important to be mentioned here). I know if I write down all the reasons such as "I can not do THIS and THAT in Drupal", some of you who give your whole life for Drupal will keep asking me with questions and questions, "But, you CAN do THIS by installing THIS-module-5.x.tar.gz, and you CAN do THAT by following this tutorials www.thebestdrupaltutorialsintheworld.com/1970/09/02/how-to-do-THAT-in-drupal.html ?".

Drupal fans, I really appreciate your comments. But if one of you ask me to migrate from wordpress to Drupal (I did once, don't bother telling how), I won't. I've already spent my precious 7 nights to make myself sure about what I'm doing, another 20 minutes to search the best tutorial, another 2 hours to do trial-error, and another 25 minutes writing this post (and about 5 minutes to check typos). Just don't make me feel guilty.

Finally, the list.
0. Now I have more space on my hosting.
I used sBlog on 2007 (which only used 700KB of my 1000KB (or 1.5MB if I'm lucky) space hosting) before I installed Drupal. Now I have 250MB space, with 15GB of bandwith a month. Tell me how I can optimize it if not by learning and trying something new?

1. Drupal is too complicated for blogging.
I have to install a module to make an automatic alias for each post(which needs another module named pathauto (cmiiw)), another module for using tinymce, another module to turn on the captcha, another module to turn on comment RSS, another module to set google analytics, and so on. My question after each module installation was "Can I write my first Hello World post now?". Ah, don't forget to add several themes too in case you don't want your visitors come to your website and speak loudly, "Wow, Drupal..." by looking at that _big_ logo.

2. Drupal is too "customisable"
Say you go to the cars dealer and telling the shop keeper, "Do you have a red sport car? But I want the one with two additional LCD TVs". A minute later, he's back with Lego's bricks, calmly saying "With this product, not only you can make a red sport car, but you can make anything you want. Anything! It's very customisable!"

3. At my place, people killing each other to get a fast internet connection.
Additional features need additional modules, or themes, or else. Additional modules mean I need to upload several files. The files need to be uploaded, need to be downloaded first, for each module, themes, etc. It needs time, money, and a lot of effort, if you do that here. You may say, "Hey, don't you know that in Drupal, we can install a module named install-your-modules-and-upgrade-your-drupal-in-one-single-click?". Why do you tell me that now? "Why don't you ask Google?" I was busy turning on my captcha module, remember?

4. Indonesian Wordpress Community.
Almost Indonesian blogger (a person who has a blog or weblog) use Wordpress to write. Based on this stats, I think it's possible to say that if you face a problem or two, you can easily get it done by asking the others. This kind of reason is like the reason I used when I prefer Ubuntu/BlankOn than any other distribution of Linux. I need a place to ask. I need a place to share experience. I need a place when I'm the part of the majority.

That's it. Well, I still use Drupal anyway..:)

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