Power Logic Keyboard Zen z1000 Combo

Since 4 days ago, my previous keyboard: Genius KB200, sucks my mood. It became so hard to press and made me crazy. So today I buy the new one. I planned to buy Prolink 3809 because it's slim enough for my little fingers. But after Googling here and there, I think that type is not sold in Indonesia. At Database Computer (that's the name of the store), I stumbled on Power Logic Keyboard, Zen Z1000 Combo. As you can see, mouse and dust cover included. From the box, it's labeled with "2 years warranty" but I got nothing from the store owner. Sigh.

From what I can say, it's a good product with good price: IDR 190.000 or about USD 20. With THE MOST PROPER position of buttons, such as:
0. Ctrl (NOT Fn) at the left-bottom corner
1. Wider backspace button, so the "\" or "|" key takes place at the bottom of backspace key or above the Enter key.
2. The position of Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down button is above the arrow keys.
3. Additional backspace button at numeric keypad.

Wow. All that I need to type and still get 85wpm as my score in typeracer.com :lol:

But I don't use the mouse since I had A4Tech 2x Quick Mouse that has a button to double-click. My score for this product is... wait a second.. I will not say it until 2 years of usage. :D

As codinghorror.com said, "Coding is just typing"!

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