Hamdan Att - Termiskin di Dunia (The Poorest in The World)


I listened to my neighbor's song which played this morning. Curious about the title, I searched the lyric and found that it came from Hamdan ATT (I couldn't see his profile on Wikipedia or any other pages, I think the "att" simply stands for something, but till now I don't have any idea about it) named "Termiskin di Dunia" or "The Poorest in The World".

Here are the lyrics (I translated using Google Translate, forgive me and please make a correction)
Indonesian Version
bukan ku menolak untuk mencintaimu
tetapi lihat dulu siapa diriku
karena engkau dan aku sungguh jauh berbeda
kau orang kaya aku orang tak punya

sebelum terlanjur pikir pikirlah dulu
sebelum engkau menyesal kemudian

jangankan gedung, gubuk pun aku tak punya
jangankan permata, uang pun aku tiada

aku merasa orang termiskin di dunia
yang penuh derita bermandikan air mata
itulah diriku kukatakan padamu
agar engkau tahu siapa aku

back to *)

sebelum terlanjur pikir pikir lah dulu
sebelum engkau menyesal kemudian

English Version
It's not I reject your love
But first, look me
Because you and I are very much different
You are rich, I'm poor

Before it's too late, please think first
Before you regret it later

I don't have a shack, let alone a building
I don't have money, let alone a jewel

I feel like I'm the poorest guy in the world
Full of misery, bathed in tears
That's me, I tell you
So you know who I really am

back to *)
Before it's too late please think first
Before you regret it later

In my opinion, Dangdut is music for "marginal groups in society". You can see it from its simple lyrics, or from the easy-listening and so "general" chord. But I think that it's the uniqueness of Dangdut, and that's why it's suitable for people like me, the poor. Lately, the religious conservative considers Dangdut as thing that identical with porn, since the singer sometimes uses a very mini skirt or dance in immoral way or...you named it. In the era of Hamdan Att, or Meggy Z, or Evie Tamala, or Rhoma Irama, they dressed politely. Dangdut's lyrics mostly describe the pain/anguish of low-paid workers. They work hard night and day, so we can hear vaguely they turn on the radio, searching for the most suitable song for them, that is, Dangdut.

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