The Mesh App and Life Lessons


Recently, I downloaded an app called The Mesh by Creatiu Lab from the App Store. You can play it for free on iOS. I love the simplicity of the game's rule, because not only it's an app that let you train the logic part of our brain, but also teaches us some life lessons.

The art of sacrificium
Sometimes if you think that there is no possible way to solve the game, no solution at all, you need to sacrifice something, in hope that you can earn it back some day.

This is not a math, this is a logic game
Since it is a board/logic game, you don't need to be good enough with numbers. Play well by moving the hexagon carefully.

Accept that you have to start over
By doing so many concurrent failures, you need to let some things go, and make everything from null. Again.

Anyway, my highest score so far is 131. If you frustrated about the game, you can simply use my solver. Lol.

Update : I reached 200 in the zen mode.

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