Moving My Project from Google Code to Github (0)


Start from tonight, I just want to learn Git because the reasons written here. And, for those reasons, I must start from the scratch. I decide to learn git from now because I'm afraid I'll eat too much svn so it will be more and more difficult to me learning something new..

Okay, here we go.. I just want to make it simple.
0. Create git account on github
1. Tell github your public ssh key. Yes, it is in your ~/.ssh/
2. Create your first new repository. Easy.
3. $ sudo apt-get install git git-core
4. $ git config --global "Prabowo Murti"
5. $ git config --global
6. Make your own repository in your hard drive. Change directory to it..
7. $ git init && git add .

That's it.. Ready for the next steps

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