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Story about DB Engine continues...

Because of previous DB engine issue, my site containing the application I've made can't be accessed for 3-4 days. I just want to clarify that I am responsible for the data. I think my last line in the supporting ticket made the guy behind the 'service mysql restart' command really-really restart the sql server in my shared hosting. I knew that from the status in my Sql server's status.

This MySQL server has been running for 0 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes and 26 seconds. It started up on Feb 21, 2011 at 12:33 PM.

Last update on my supporting ticket was at 12:02 pm, and 31 minutes later the guy really-really restarted the server, enabled the innodb engine, changed my tables (I explained before) to MyISAM-ready, and made an answer that sounds like a part of holy bible at 13:03. Voila. My data is back.


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