All Data on My InnoDB Tables Lost


This story begun when I want to visit one of my apps site. The error message said something about "Unknown table engine 'innodb'" or alike. I logged in to my Control Panel - PhpMyAdmin and see that the Innodb engine support has been disabled. I think that I can do something to get my data back. Some action like creating a dummy table to store the data, and then create another table with MyISAM engine and get it online again. I was wrong. Every single query I run on the tables (with Innodb engine) is always failed and makes the same error message.

Because it's hosted in a shared hosting server, it's impossible to set the configuration file of MySql server. Lack of idea, I just created a support ticket, hoping that the webhosting company came up with a solution. And, as always, they offer me a "better" package of service, means upgrade mine to Virtual Dedicated Server which costs approximately $45 a month! What a solution! This is not the first time I get this kind of advice. A few months ago, I also had a problem when trying to migrate my data to a new domain. Sigh.

Why don't they asked me when they disable the InnoDB engine? Why can't I get some _better_ solutions other than upgrading to a new package of service? I don't want to publish the name of the webhosting company I'm currently using, since I don't wanna be in jail. But, I'm sure you do know who I mean. Money really talks. I think I should end this relationship and move on to a better webhosting company unless I have to pay more.

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