Qwords.com Offered A Migration


Qwords.com explains in their email to me, they want to migrate my content to local server (in Indonesia). A marketing bull s*it, it will let the bandwidth unmetered (of course, as always, terms and conditions apply). I said no thanks. Curious about the offer, I visited their website and found no information there. Did they only send the offer to some people? Why? They said that my content (previously hosted in US server) will be moved on February 28th if I don't give an answer until February 25th. Does it mean that people who got the offer and check their inbox twice a year (or register the same email on their Facebook account) will not be notified?

Reasons why I stayed :
0. I don't get much traffic on that host, means I don't need "unmetered bandwidth".
1. I don't believe their marketers, means I always reject whatever they say.

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