How to Tell That Your Windows is Genuine


I just bought 2 (two) Windows 7 Home Basic Edition Full Package Product which cost approximately US $230 (about IDR 2.050.000). Several things I learned from buying this kind of stuff (yes, actually I'm not a Microsoft fans) is how to know that my Windows is genuine, so I keep calm when a police officer knocks my door, asking my COA (certificate of authenticity), and not taking my computers away. Err.. I think it doesn't work that way, I'm just being paranoid.

Here are some facts
0. If the price is too damn cheap (or "too good to be true"), it's not genuine.

1. If it comes from someone on Kaskus, yes it's a fake. You should buy from an authorized seller. That is, someone who really really has a store, not someone who reject to show the product if you ask it. Don't trust anybody when he/she gives you a guarantee that the Windows can be activated because there is a way to "activate" it online although it's a fake version. The best way to know is to contact someone from Microsoft.
Microsoft Online Customer Service OR
Indonesia : +62 21 5155151 / 21 299050700 / 0800 1201201
from Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 9pm, on Saturday 10am - 2pm

2. FPP version is more expensive than OEM version. But, you can sell the FPP version if you no longer use it (the previous installation must be completely deleted). Keep all the package (COA, product key, CD, box) and you'll be fine. The OEM version sucks, although it's cheap. If you change the motherboard/processor, you need to BUY another license (that's why there is no "2nd-hand" OEM license).

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