NombiType : How Fast Do You Type Numbers?


I created Nombitype for fun. At first, I want to make a web application that looks like typeracer, or any other typing test. Later, I realize that I suck at code. So, I want it to be simple, lightweight, and unique. Input ton of numbers into my GNUCash financial report gave me an idea: how if I make "numbers typing test"?

Problems I faced
0. I don't know how the real and successful online typing test works. I just code the best I can do to prevent users from cheating in the game, such as using copy paste drag n drop you named it.
1. This application is only tested using Google Chrome. It's time consuming thinking how it could be worked on other web browsers. Sorry to all Firefox/Opera/Safari/IE big fans.
2. The result page shows user the score achieved, calculated by how many "right" strokes an hour the user makes. Wrong answer doesn't count.
3. The "badge" will not look like's that could be manipulated easily by edit the code (so you can grab 999999 as your score). I save the score on separated table, with particular "code" that came from random string. So the ID itself is not enough.

Give it a try and say some words.

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