Kick Andy Show Today


I watched Kick Andy Show in Metro TV this afternoon. The theme could be "young on top" or something alike, I don't know since I didn't watch it from the beginning. It presented some people who achieved a lot of things in their very young ages. One of them is Febrian Agung Budi P, the man behind PT Duta Future International which gaining profit from selling phone credit (that man actually sells a lot of things, but I thought it's the most profitable product).

One interesting thing from his story is about how he dreamed big. In 2006, he only had about 300-600K in his bank account. He then wrote IDR (ten billion) manually on his bank account book using a pen and made the bank teller laughed. The point of this story is, if you really-really wanna achieve something, then you have to write it down, read it many times, and feel it like you have achieved it. Very inspiring

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