Upgrade New Firmware for D-Link DSL-520B


It's a trivial FTP (the "very light version of FTP", sometimes used by network devices because of its simplicity). If you use Windows, you can install tftpd32. If you're an Ubuntu user, yes, "sudo apt-get install tftp tftpd". We need this to transfer the firmware file from our computer to the ADSL router.

0. Extract the new firmware file (DSL-520B-SE_1.22_07202009_cfe_fs_kernel) to /path/to/tftp-server/
1. Login to ADSL router using telnet
2. > tftp -g -f DSL-520B-SE_1.22_07202009_cfe_fs_kernel
3. Wait until the process is done (about 10-15 minutes). Enjoy.


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