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I'm retrieving some data from a cargo service's site. I emailed their website's admin and asked the data politely, but I had no luck because he might check his inbox once a year. So I 'downloaded' their cities data (along with their codes), insert to my DB, and now I have about 4769 cities included some cities abroad, plus 225 cities (origin spots, places you can use to send packages from). This means that there are 225*4769 - 214 = 1072811 (1 million) possibilities of charge/service fee they offer. If some routes have more than one type of service (for example, VERY FAST service, REGULAR service, AS LONG AS IT'S DELIVERED service, etc), so we must recalculate and get a larger number.

BUT, the good news is that I'm not sure the site really has that HUGE data since nobody wants to know the fee to ship a gift from (e.g) Ende to Yerevan. That means we can eliminate some routes that don't give fee informations. But how? I'm still working on it..

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