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I realized that 225 cities in my cities_table contains a lot of cities from abroad. Only 57 of them are domestic (yes, I selected them one by one).

Next steps:
0. Since we only need the city's code (for e.g, JAKARTA UTARA and JAKARTA SELATAN have the same code), iterate through all 57 cities' codes.
1. Post the city_code_origin, city_code_destination, weight (=1), and get a response page containing the shipping cost. Currently I'm using file_get_contents(), but curl function seems a little bit faster.
2. Check the html page, focus on just the specific content, parse using simpleXmlParser.
3. If there is no result, continue to the next city_code. If some data exist, insert into table (for all kind of service).
4. So now we have shipping costs from JAKARTA / BEKASI / BANDUNG / SURABAYA / DENPASAR / YOGYAKARTA to all cities in Indonesia.
5. Err.. What's next? :D

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