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Pesan atawa quotes terkait pekerjaan

Always answer to your mother's phone call. Response to her message, quickly.

If it is not broke, don't fix it. Your design is very fine.

Sometimes being productive is not creating a gazillion of codes, but when you should delete and throw it away.

Trust your team. Eat with them, sleep with them. Laugh together. You don't need to like everyone, but they are your families.

Money is not important. But there is no point that which getting richer makes you sadder. Spending it right.

Drink a lot of water. Your brain works best in a nice bath of fluid.

The whole world is a marketing scam. Get used to it.

ODOA. One day one achievement. It's better to get 1 task done for each day rather than 10 tasks at the first day and nothing for the rest of the week. It's called persistence.

If it is not inside the Pivotal Tracker, it doesn't exist. Semua task yang disuruh dengan lisan, jangan dikerjakan. Karena jika sebuah task itu tidak tertulis, ia tidak penting.

You are using Git. How fvcked up could it be?

Love yourself. When you code, code like there is no tomorrow. When eat, eat. Sleep well. Do some sports, yoga, whatever. Be social.

//Documentation is your friend. You will forget >50% of what you code a week ago.

One function should only do one, and only one job.

Having adequate knowledge of how and why you are still at what you do right now is important.

Yeah, fvck the meeting. Do the chat just like what you see on MTV's Pimp My Ride. Keep it clear, and straight to the point.

Ask for a raise, at least once in your life. 

Learn to say NO for everything.

Don't dream to be rich. Just try to get a little bit more than you need.

No room for a new idea, if it will be no action. Jika sibuk memikirkan ide baru, entar nggak jualan-jualan.

Your product is the best of its kind that available on the market right now.

Dual monitor is better. A vertical and bigger screen is enough.

Use a Mac to be more productive. If you're not, buy more expensive one.

The key of happiness is always having a very low expectation.

Third parties (SDK, API, SaaS) are evil. Once you made a contract, they will haunt you forever.

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