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*mau ngomong sok inggris dulu ah, walau salah-salah yang penting pede mati*

In Indonesia, if there is a guy who doesn't want to use the pirate version of an app, and buying things from the iTunes or curated some DVD in DiscTarra instead of simply download the music or movies from piratebay, it must be weird. Why the hell.. I mean, why does that guy want to be a damn minority freak in the crowd?

But I am that man.

I'd prefer to buy things that should be bought, not freely downloaded from the internet, or copied from the trillion bytes capacity of an external drive of friends, not only because of the law, but because of humanity. I want the humanity restored. Halelujah.

But let's not debate about the 'say no to piracy' issue. After I used a Mac, I found the iTunes Store. I felt like.. this is the answer of all the questions I had for the past few years. I want my songs and movies to be legal, and I want them to be as cheap as possible.

So here comes the iTunes Store, a place where you can only buy one song with the price of (or cheaper than) "nasi padang", and you can also rent a movie (the price range from IDR 19K to IDR 29K). If the musician is not making a good music, then we should not buy the whole album (which is too expensive for me). If the movie is not that good to be inside your collection, then rent it and it will be faded away from our minimalist life.

The 'pay-as-you-go' pricing model as the Apple offered, is the best way and a win-win solution for us and the copyright/license owner.

But there is another trouble. Not all of the songs, albums, movies, podcast, apps, whatever, is available for Indonesia. There are so many songs or albums that is not available : Kitaro Oshio's Twilight, is one item that I looked for. We are still living in the one of third world countries. It's damn hard to find a guy like me, at least in Indonesia. I thought that is the reason why Apple (or the musicians) doesn't provide so many items for iTunes Store Indonesia.

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